Promoting British Values & Life in Modern Britain


We agree with the Department for Education’s five part definition of British values:

• Democracy
• The rule of law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual respect
• Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

We believe that these British values are effectively promoted in our school through our School Aims. Whilst we recognize that Thorngumbald Primary School is a mono-cultural school in a rural East Riding village, we understand that there are many different types of community in modern Britain.

Pupil voice is an integrated aspect of school life at Thorngumbald. Our pupil elected School Council play a strong role in our school. Members are elected by their class peers and are involved in making Thorngumbald a better place to learn. Pupils have input in their learning and what they would like to learn, which promotes our Pupil Voice. Pupil questionnaires and interviews are also conducted regularly. We know that the formation of the School Council and the active participation of our pupils will lay the foundation for a more sophisticated understanding of democracy in the future.

Our pupils will encounter rules and laws throughout their entire lives. We want our pupils to understand that whether these laws govern the class, the school, the neighbourhood or the country, they are set for good reasons and must be adhered to. This understanding of the importance of rules will be consistently reinforced through assemblies and our curriculum. The involvement of our pupils in the creation of the codes of conduct helps them to understand the reasons behind rules and the consequences if rules are broken. We debate and discuss the reasons for laws so children can recognise the importance of these for their own protection. Throughout the year we welcome visits from members of the wider community including police, war veterans, the fire service and many more. We believe that clear explanations and real life stories emphasise the importance of the rule of law for our pupils.

Everyone at Thorngumbald works to create a positive culture in our school, providing a safe environment for our children where choices and freedoms are encouraged. In lessons, learning tasks are challenging and require cooperation and scholastic endeavour. We encourage children to compete in the belief they have every chance of success. At our school children understand that they may have to take appropriate risk and that there may be the need to congratulate and be proud of a more successful peer on some occasions. We offer a range of clubs which pupils have the freedom to choose from, based on their interests. Through our e-Safety, philosophy and PSHCE sessions, we educate children on their rights and personal freedoms as well as supporting them in recognising how to exercise these freedoms safely. At Thorngumbald we believe that valuing choice, freedom, appropriate risk taking, a desire to win and appreciating our fellow competitors in daily school life will foster respect for individual liberty as the children embark upon their adult lives.

Our pupils learn together with respect for each other. We value and celebrate our peers, as evidenced on our website. Every pupil knows that we respect and appreciate each other no matter what differences may exist. Mutual respect is a core value of our School Aims. Our school aims can only be achieved with our community working together, achieving together and competing inter and intra school.

We offer a culturally rich and diverse curriculum in which major religions are studied and respected. Parents and members of different faiths are welcomed to the school to share their beliefs. We believe that tolerance is gained through knowledge and understanding. Through our curriculum and the routines of our daily school life, we strive to become knowledgeable, understanding and successful citizens who can build a better Thorngumbald, Yorkshire and Britain for the future.