Medical Matters

We would expect parents/carers to inform the school by 9.30 am by phone or in person, if their child is unwell and unable to attend school. We would also expect to be notified if a child has a medical appointment.

First Aid
All members of staff have current First Aid training which is updated every 3 years. All minor accidents are logged in the Accident Book.

A letter is sent to parents to inform them if their child has sustained a bump to the head or has had a nose bleed. In the case of an injury which causes concern, parents/carers are contacted immediately and offered the option to assess the injury personally or to allow staff to judge.

It is important that we have at least two contact numbers for each child in case of illness or accident.

If your child has to take prescribed medication, please try to arrange to give any medicine either personally or delegate this responsibility to an adult known to your child, who may come to school at lunchtime on your behalf.

Inhalers are stored in the child’s classroom and administered as and when required.

Members of staff are made aware of any specific medical needs of individual pupils within their class.

Management of Headlice
Headlice are extremely common in close-knit environments such as schools. Please click below to access information on the management of headlice.

NHS Headlice Guidance

For more information on School Absence – Medical Appointments and illness please see the attached leaflet

Parent Information Leaflet 2019