13th March 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

There is a great deal of media attention covering the coronavirus in schools and workplaces.  We receive regular information from Public Health England (PHE) and our local authority and will be guided by them in terms of the steps we need to take to protect the children.  Our first priority, as ever, is the health and wellbeing of our children, staff and the families who make up our learning community.

What is happening in school now?

We have already taken a number of measures in school:

  • Ensuring regular handwashing
  • The children being reminded about personal hygiene

What will happen in the coming days?

There are a number of other measures that we may take, like for example temporarily stopping having an assembly time at school, eating packed lunches in classrooms instead of the hall, reducing time spent sitting as a whole class on the carpet and cancellation of school visits to crowded locations.  These measures will come into effect as we believe they become necessary.

Will the school close?

It is a possibility that it may become necessary to close the school – whether directed to do so or if it is a decision we need to make ourselves.  Any closure could be partial or whole school in either the short term (for example for a deep clean) or longer term as advised.  We are aware we may get little notice of such school closures and therefore we are planning at a number of levels behind the scenes so that we are prepared for a short or longer-term closure.

If this does become necessary, we will produce a simple package of learning for the children to access that will be sent home or directed through SeaSaw, Purple Mash and links to websites which you may already be familiar with that can support the children’s learning.  If accessing this creates potential difficulties for you, please do let us know by contacting your child’s teacher.

We will keep parents informed of any changes via Parentmail, the school website news pages and through our Twitter / FaceBook pages.  During closure, the office email address will continue to be checked daily so any questions or queries can be directed via email to the school.

How can you help?

  • Please advise us if anyone in your household has travelled or is intending to travel outside the UK with details so that we can be proactive should that area be flagged by the Government
  • Please advise of any updates to your contact details and get in touch with the office if you have any issues accessing Parentmail

 As a reminder, if you or your children have any known symptoms (fever, cough, breathing difficulties, muscle ache) please do phone 111 and self-isolate until any concerns are alleviated.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any further questions or concerns that have not been address within this letter.  We will inform you of any developments as rapidly as we are able.

Kind regards

Mrs J Carroll – Headteacher