Please make every effort to ensure your child arrives on time to enable them to start the day settled and able to begin the day with their friends. Routines and a settled start really does makes a difference to ensuring our children learn and make progress.

We want all of our children to develop good attitudes to learning and receive the best education possible. Attendance is central to this.

Important facts about school attendance:

A 2 week holiday each year in primary school means a total of 14 weeks teaching time missed —his could have a real impact on their basic literacy and numeracy skills.


The Government regard 95% as the minimum satisfactory attendance for a primary school pupil.


Most children routinely have attendance rates of 97% or more. This is the equivalent of 6 days absence a year. BUT 100% is achieved by many pupils every year in both primary and secondary schools.


In a recent Department for Education report it states that pupils with no absence are 1.3 times more likely to achieve the expected standard and 3.1 times more likely to achieve greater depth, more than pupils that missed 10-15% of all sessions.


If you have 90% attendance record, it means that you are absent from lessons for the equivalent of one half day every week.


We love to praise attendance with 95% and 100% certificates

at the end of each term, next term you may

even find a Great Attendance postcard through your door 🙂